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Bara Brithe Cake

Summer Berry Millefeuille


Who will teach the courses ?

Lesley will teach all courses, although there is student participation at all times.

Do I need to be a great cook to learn to bake ?

No, not at all, all you need is the passion and appetite to learn to make great bread and I will teach you the rest.

Will I get to do some baking, or do I just watch ?

I will demonstrate each technique required, then its down to you with as much help from me as necessary

I want to give this course as a gift to a foodie friend ?

No problem, just purchase a gift voucher either via the website direct or call myself and I will do everything for you, then your friend can decide which course they would like to do.

Can I buy ingredients while at my course ?

Yes you can buy a variety of baking products from Lesleys Kitchen, such as Banettons and Brotform Proving Baskets, Couche Cloth, Bowls, Scrapers, Dough Cutters, Lames, Bakers Peels and Baguette Peels (both of which are handmade in our small village) and we also offer a small selection of Shipton Mill and Balchedre Organic Flours. Fresh Yeast is usually availlable for students to take home with them if they so wish or we are more than happy to point you to the correct supermarkets which sell fresh yeast.
For those doing the Sourdough Course we now sell addition Sourdough Ferment either Poolish or Levain. 

How long is each course ?

The courses run from 10.30am till 4pm daily for the Bread Courses, baking courses run from 10.30am till 3pm but there are no hard and fast rules, so if your bread or cakes are not ready you stay untill everything is ready.

Where are the courses held ?

The courses for Lesleys Kitchen Bread School are held in my large family kitchen within The Old Church which has lots of space and it is a real kitchen with all the normal catering equipment most people have in there homes, so no need to spend lots of money!
There is a spacious guest sitting room for you to relax in at lunchtime.

What do I need to bring with me ?

All you need is your passion and enthusiasm and if you decide on our Stay and Bake course, then I suggest maybe bring your toothbrush and a change of clothes. I supply your aprons, so you don't even have the washing to do afterwards. All equipment and ingredients are supplied to you for your course, so you can enjoy your day.

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