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The art of  bread making and baking has been long lost by the majority of people, due to work commitments, lack of time and the ever invasive supermarket chains offering cheap preservative ridden, chemically enhanced  breads and cakes, which I do admit last forever but do not taste like the real thing and believe you me the cost of making your own bread and cakes is minimal, although you do need a little time and effort.... the rewards however are well worth that effort.

Everyone's favorite baking  programme the Great British Bake Off has returned once again for our next instalment of baking heaven, so who will be the winner this year?
So if you are enthused by the Great British Bake Off programme why not learn to bake for yourself and make an evening baking your own entertainment, I cant think of anything better, can you?

With our slightly disappointing Summer now coming to its close and hopefully a stunning Autumn about to arrive, although certain areas of the Country may not know this !!! there is still no excuse to not to learn to bake your own fantastic bread.......so what are you waiting for??

 So with this renewed interest in learning how bake the best breads in the world, why don't you have a go for yourself and for your loved ones..
We were also chosen as Great British Food Magazines Best Bakery School which was a lovely honor.

It`s great to see so many people booking up for our Bread and Bakery Courses, we have a number of new courses on the go for this coming Winter, we will have a wonderful Scandinavian Course, which has been due to Facebook popular demand.

This coming Autumn and Winter we will be hosting a new Christmas Bread and Baking Course (yes I hear you saying, lets not talk about that already) but our course is aimed at every skill level and the aim is to teach the skills of some wonderful breads and bakes with a Christmas theme, that you can then bake and give as gifts to loved ones for Christmas, also this year we have lots more dates  for the Christmas course. 

We have had a number of novice bakers with us, who have left with a fire in their belly for Bread making at home and now we are getting photos and updates of their creations, it`s a wonderful feeling when you have inspired and taught someone else, even a little of your knowledge..........view what our students think of the courses at Trip Advisor.

Our Gift Vouchers have made a photo shoot on The Great British Food Magazine, cant wait to see what its like, you can pick up a copy in all good supermarkets and leading stationers.

Why not try this recipe which is incredibly easy to make and tastes wonderful... and it goes with any soup you choose to make and can also be used for making a Tuscan Bread salad, courtesy of Jamie!!

A No Knead Ciabatta Loaf

4 Cups of strong white bread flour
1/4 teaspoon of dried Yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons of salt
2 cups of water

Mix all of the above gently till it comes together and place back into your bowl, then let it prove for 18 hours under a towel at room temperature till it has more than doubled in size and is full of bubbles.
Turn out onto a well floured surface and flatten, then fold into thirds and flatten slightly again to make a slipper shape and place in a well floured strong baking sheet.
Leave for another couple of hours with a towel to cover, then once risen again, pop into oven at 220/425/Gas mark 7 for 40 minutes.
The ciabatta will be well risen with a crusty Crust and lovely spongy open crumb.

Other places to find Lesleys Kitchen Bread School are on Facebook  and also the
real bread campaign. So why don't you join us either on Facebook or get more involved with a membership of the Real Bread Campaign, then you can keep up with all things bready!!! 

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