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All of our Bread Courses run from 10.30am to 4pm, although we do sometimes run a little later than schedule!! So please be prepared to stay on if the bake time runs over.

Our Baking Courses run from 10.30am till 3.00pm and these courses tend to be shorter in nature as there is no proving time unlike breads and the cakes and cookies, etc tend to be in and out of the oven in quick succession.

Coffee/Tea and Refreshments, along with some goodies of the cake variety are on offer on arrival and throughout the day, there is also a light Bakers lunch which is included in the cost of each bread/baking course. 

Student information pack which includes recipes from your course, recommended reading, tips, stockists and much, much more, all of which you will take home along with your bread creations.

We take a maximum of 4 students at any one time, so that I may give my full attention to each student. But I am more than happy to do one-to-one courses for those who prefer to work alone and we can also cater for a few more students where a party is required. However, the cost for a one-to-one is slightly higher. For larger groups, please contact direct for pricing.

Our Students are very important to us, so whether there are is full capacity of students attending or only one on the day of your chosen bread or baking course, the course will never be cancelled due to numbers and you will get all the extra attention lavished upon yourself.

The prices for one, three and five day courses are shown below and are also on the date/price page. 

We also offer the option to Stay and Bake! with a dinner, bed and breakfast package in our highly acclaimed 
Old Church B&B. Stay and Bake prices range dependent on the Course of your choice, number of days and the room you wish to stay in. Non-baking partners are always welcome. Please call 01290 660045 or email: theoldchurch@talktalk.net for a package cost.

We always use the finest ingredients which are Organic in nature and fair trade products are also used where ever possible, we also try to include locally sourced fresh free-range eggs and all specialist flours used during the courses come from
Shipton Mill, Bacheldre Mill and Sharpham Park  and a number of other very good Millers in the United Kingdom.

Bread Making

Basic Bread 135

This course covers the basics of bread-making whether you are a complete novice  or for the baker who is looking for a refresher course to boost your confidence, the day will cover various mixing and kneading techniques of the dough, shaping of the loaves and the baking of said loaves. Breads on the day may include a white loaf then more exciting ingredients and you can choose from many varieties of flours, such as wholemeal, Khorason, malt or rye. 
We may even have time to make rolls, plaits, wreaths and or baguettes - it's up to you!

Speciality Bread 135

This course is the next step up from working with the Basic Breads, we cover more advanced techniques of shaping and you will make (and take home) a variety of wonderful Artisan Organic Breads, such as a Rye, Caraway and Raisin batard, Treacle and Guinness Loaf, an apple cider round and a cheesy cob. This course is open to all skill levels, but we advise if you have never baked before try the Basic Bread Course first.

Enriched Bread 135
Learn to make wonderfully rich breads such as Brioche, Croissants and Pain Viennois, Sticky Buns or Advent bread,  learn how the process of lamentation creates super light breads.
This course is designed for bakers with a little bread making experience.
We also do a two day course to cover basic, then enriched.
Call 01290 660045 for more information and dates.

Sourdough Bread 135

Make your first Sourdough Starter (levain, poolish) batter mix.
Sourdough is the name for bread raised only with wild yeasts, the process is one of a long fermentation which helps the bread to have a lovely depth of flavour and it also makes for a more digestible bread.

I will show you how to do the different stages of your starter for you to take home. Then we will make some sourdough bread using my starter, as your starter mix takes a minimum of a week before you can make your own at home, full instructions will be given away with you to help you with feeding your starter and the basic of making another.

Speciality Sourdough 135

This course is for lovers of the King of all breads, the Sourdough loaf!, we are going to work with a wet poolish and also a drier levain to make a variety of tasty unusual Sourdough loaves, we will go through the kneading and shaping process.

This course is for those who have a little experience of bread making or for those who have previously done the Sourdough course, we will be making a Cranberry and Pecan Sourdough, Prune and Cardamon Sourdough and also a Rye, Raisin and Caraway Sourdough and if time permits a bitter Chocolate Sourdough, which is utterly delicious.

French Bread 135

This course covers a variety of French Breads. It is for people who have a little experience of bread, we will cover the kneading and shaping of different French Breads, we will be making Baguettes, Pain de Campagne (similar in nature to a sourdough bread), Flavoured Fougasse (a sharing bread), Epi and a Pain de Mie (a milk bread). We will also be looking at the different variety of flours that French bakers use.
Italian Bread 135

In this course you will make a few of the most delicious Italian Breads that have become so familiar to us - Focaccia, Ciabatta, Stromboli plus others such as Pane Di Ramerino and Grissini. You will need a little experience, although the basics of kneading and shaping will also be covered in this course.
Indian Bread 135

For those with a love of Indian food, we have the perfect bread course to accompany any Indian dish from Naans, Rotis, Tandoori Rotis, Chapatti, Bhutarus, Poorie and many other wonderful flatbreads both leavened and unleavened, using Indian wholemeal atta flour for an authentic day.
You will need no experience for this course, as the basics of kneading , rolling, pining and shaping will be covered on this course.

Scandinavian Bread 135

Our Scandinavian bread course is a for those who love a variety of breads with flavour, especially cardamom and caraway, there are of course some sweet breads scattered through this course with a delicious advent bread being one of our favourites, we use a variety of flours on this course. 

You will need a little experience for this course, although the basics of kneading and shaping are covered during this day's course.

Gluten Free Bread/Baking Course 135
3 Day Gluten Free Bread/Baking Course 360

For those of who have problems digesting wheat and Gluten products, we have a days course teaching you how to make lovely breads that taste as good as they look, unlike the shop bought Gluten Free products, on this course we will also cover a couple of wonderful cake and cookie recipes as well as the breads, so as to give variety to your creativity. 

With our Gluten Free course we do not need to wait on our breads proving, so we cover a great variety of bakes on this course which should keep most Gluten intolerant bakers happy.
On our 3 day Gluten Free Bread/ Baking Course, we will cover a variety of disciplines on each day, starting with a day on different breads, covering the many kinds of gluten free flour available to use, day two will be dedicated to all things cake and on day three we will be learning about biscuits, cookies, scones, pancakes and some other baking delights.
This course will give students a large repertoire to work from, this will also be beneficial for those recently diagnosed or for those wishing to learn more about Gluten free products.

3 Day Bread Course 360

In this course we will have an introduction to Basic Bread making along with a day on Speciality Breads, then we will have a day working on some European and Enriched Breads to round our 3 day course off, we will cover kneading, shaping and slashing of our Breads. Tea/Coffee or light refreshments, Cakes and Lunch are provided each day with your course, all materials and ingredients are also provided.

This course is for all skill levels.
We can also offer 4 * accommodation within the church for those who would have to travel for this 3 day bread course, suppers can also be provided, please check out our "Stay and Bake" packages.

5 Day Bread Course 607

In this course we will have an introduction to Basic Bread making, we will then work on Speciality, French, Italian, Northern European, Sourdough and Enriched Breads. This Course is very in depth and will cover all aspects of Slow doughs, we will cover a variety of kneading and shaping methods of our dough. Tea/Coffee or light refreshments, Cakes and Lunch are provided each day with your course, all materials and ingredients are also provided.

This course is for all skill levels.

We can also offer 4* accommodation within the church for those who would have to travel for this 5 day bread course, suppers can also be provided, please check out "Stay and Bake" packages.


Basic Baking 135

Learn the basic techniques of baking.This Course usually runs from 10.30am till 3pm and will include all refreshments, goodies and a bakers lunch.

This course covers the basic skills required to make perfect sponge cakes, fruit loaves and biscuits that work every time! You will take home a real variety of goodies including a strawberry cream sponge, cupcakes, lavender shortbread, yogurt loaf and white chocolate/peanut butter blondies. 
There are a variety of sweet goodies that we can make on your baking day.

Clean Baking 135

Our clean baking course is for all skill levels and is perfect for all those who are wishing to live and eat a cleaner lifestyle without the loss of delicious home baked treats and goodies.

This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to omit refined sugars from their diet, this course will cover a wonderful variety of home baked treats.

The course will run from 10.30am till 3pm and will include all refreshments, bakers lunch and a students pack which includes lots of additional recipes, tips and other useful advice.

Everything made by yourself on the day will be yours to take home, if you wish to bring a few containers, that would be very helpful, everything made will be covered and wrapped before placing in an eco friendly reusable bag.

Patisserie 135

Our Patisserie course is for all skill levels who are confident in the kitchen, we will cover a variety of pastries, macarons, choux pastry and lots more, so whether you are making these for yourself or as gifts for loved ones, there will be something for everyone.
Please note this course is fully hands on with lots of piping, layering, moulding and sometimes chocolate work, etc.
This course will run from 10.30am till 3pm and will also include refreshments and a bakers lunch.

The course will have a range of goodies made and baked to cover a number of different disciplines within Patisserie.

Everything made by yourself on the day will be yours to take home and we would ask you to bring a container or two with you, everything made will be covered and wrapped before placing in your eco friendly take away.
Christmas Course 135
Our Christmas course covers a variety of baking skills, we will make a couple of festive breads such as Stollen and or an Apricot Couronne, we will also be making a Christmas Spiced Morning Bread and a Cinnamon Bun Cake, we will also make a few sweet treats that can be given as gifts for the big day, there will be lots of new skills to be learned on our Christmas Course.
This course will run from 10.30am till 3.30pm (approx.) and will also include all refreshments and a bakers lunch.
Everything made by yourself on the day will be yours to take home and we ask you to bring a cake tin or two with you, everything which is made will be covered and wrapped before placing in an eco friendly bag for you to take home.

All courses have a Students Pack which includes a host of information from your days course which is supplied for you to take home and try your recipes  out again and again and anytime you get stuck I can be contacted for follow up help.

I'm happy to discuss and consider bespoke courses as you wish, and of course, we do gift vouchers (either for a full course, a series of courses, or even as partial payment for a course). Please call me to book a course or 
discuss your requirements. You can contact me by phone on 01290 660045 or e-mail

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